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Creative Access kick 2016 off with a bang with an amazing News UK masterclass

IMG_0967Creative Access kicked off 2016 in style with a masterclass about the newspaper industry at News UK’s stunning offices opposite The Shard. With over 150 interns and alumni in attendance and an outstanding panel of journalists and leading industry figures, the evening was the perfect opportunity to network with the sector’s best and discover more about the rapidly changing world of newspaper publishing.

Director of News UK’s News Academy, Duncan White, chaired the evening. He talked about the challenges for newspapers in the digital age, he said “The quality of journalism needs to be protected. My job is to work out how to monetise the work we do on a digital level – through various social media channels and creating our own video content.”

IMG_0969The Times Features writer and Creative Access chair, Sathnam Sanghera talked about the journalistic art of column writing. He said “Roald Dahl once said you shouldn’t write a novel until you’re 35. I don’t think you should write a column until you’re 33.” Sathnam explained that writing columns is not easy “When people think of journalism nowadays they think of column writers. It’s an art and it takes a long time. When I first started It took me two weeks to write my first column. Now it takes me two days.”

The Sun’s Head of Digital Strategy, Derek Brown gave us an insightful look into some of the digital challenges the newspaper industry is currently addressing. From deciding how to create engaging video content that will appeal to mass audiences, through to the advantages and disadvantages of using an online paywall, Derek talked about how he thinks that in the future newspapers will become video focused. He said “Video represents an enormous opportunity for us in journalism. By 2020 90% of our content will be video.”

IMG_0978Lucy Fisher, Senior Political Correspondent at The Times completed the panel. She shared the story of her unusual route into journalism and discussed her career as a political journalist. Lucy talked about the advantages of being a women in the sector and explained that whether you’re an ethnic minority, a women or of a certain religious belief, there will always be a chance that you’ll face some form of discrimination. Lucy also encouraged our interns to overcome any challenges they may face in the workplace. Lucy said “As a women you have loads of advantages and I don’t think it’s as bad as people say, there is a real sense of unity amongst women journalists and women politicians.”

The evening ended with a lovely drinks reception, where there was an opportunity for our interns to network with our panel.

A massive thanks to our inspirational panel of speakers:

  • Sathnam Sanghera, Features, The Times
  • Chris Duncan, Chief Marketing Officer, News UK
  • Derek Brown, Head of Digital Content, The Sun
  • Lucy Fisher, Senior Political Correspondent, The Times
  • Duncan White, Director of News UK News Academy