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Report into financial barriers hindering marginalised groups

Posted on October 27, 2021

Creative Access surveyed more than 1,900 people working in, or looking to pursue, a career in the creative industries to examine how financial barriers impact career progression. The results demonstrate how crucial the bursary from Creative Access and McLaren Racing will be to enabling people from under-represented groups to access and progress in the sector. Key findings include:  

  • Just over three quarters (77%) have not applied for a job due to the associated high living or commuting costs 
  • Over a third (35%) have refused job offers because of financial obstacles 
  • 76% of 18 – 25 year olds and 79% of 26 – 35 year-olds have not applied for roles due to financial pressures and 69% of 18 – 25 year olds have not taken up a role  
  • The most common financial pressures impacting career progression are cited as unaffordable living, commuting and relocation costs  
  • 47% people surveyed say financial barriers have ‘greatly’ impacted their career progression – this increases to 61% for those from under-represented socio-economic backgrounds  
  • 80% of people who identified as having disabilities did not apply for a role and 59% did not take up a job offer because of financial barriers 
  • Financial status also prevented 82% of people from under-represented socio-economic backgrounds from applying for roles and 58% from taking up a job offer  

The top 5 creative sectors where potential candidates did not apply for a role due to financial reasons are:  

  1. Film – 86% 
  2. Music – 86% 
  3. Theatre – 85%  
  4. TV – 82% 
  5. Museums & Galleries – 81%  

This research was done to coincide with the launch of the Creative Access x McLaren Bursary.