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The latest from Creative Access

Dancing towards our goals – a Masterclass at Rambert

Straight from their HQ at Southbank, March’s Masterclass had us visiting the contemporary art company, Rambert.  We were thrilled to be hosted in the beautiful Rambert building, home to Britain’s oldest dance company. The panel for the night included a range of industry professionals who make the magic happen both behind the scenes and on […]

From the Royal Exchange to the Barbershop – a theatre masterclass in Manchester…

Last night saw a group of CA interns, alumni, and local University students make their way to the iconic Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester to get an insight into the world of theatre from some of the industries leading luminaries.           The panel was chaired by our wonderful former Creative Access […]

Different Pioneers, Same Journey | Armani Ur-Rub

To be in theatre or to not be in theatre? Our former Creative Access intern from the Royal Shakespeare Company, Armani Ur-Rub decided to go with the former option and shares his journey into the Arts with us… It’s not uncommon to finish university and struggle to find your first job. In fact, I reckon […]