Black and white image of one of our trainers, Elonka, delivering a session to a room of employees at a workplace.

Creative Access open training workshops

Posted on January 18, 2022

We’re delighted to announce a series of upcoming open training sessions for employers, led by our senior training team of clinical psychologists and diversity experts. Join a group of other like-minded individuals from within our employer partner community…

Disability 101: Thursday 9th June, 2 – 3.30pm

Led by disability and diversity consultant Simon Minty, this session aims to give a broad understanding of disability in relation to the workplace and beyond. It will cover:

  • How do we define disability? What are the main types?
  • Discovering a different way of looking at disability
  • Looking at real-world statistics, including long term health, neurodiversity, mental health
  • Good practice in the workplace; are these in place at your organisation? what do you think is missing?
  • Reasonable adjustments; the law and employee engagement
  • How to approach conversations around the topic at work
  • How to deal with microaggressions and ableism
  • Where next? Signposting to further sources of information

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Inclusivity champions; line manager training: Monday 13th June, 3.30 – 5pm
  • The role of a line manager in nurturing an individual or team – to enable guided discovery 
  • Creative Access eligibility criteria and intersectionality; the benefits of a diverse team
  • Understanding power dynamics and the impact
  • Mental health awareness for line managers; impact upon work and performance
  • Legal and ethical requirements; what needs to be in place
  • What support is in place at your organisation / do you think is missing?
  • Your vision; supporting inclusive practice; make it relevant to your organisation
  • Signposting to mental health support and services; Creative Access support

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Building resilience:  Thursday 7th July, 10:30am – 12pm
  • Recognising and managing stress and creating work-life balance  
  • Creating a language for emotional literacy and focusing on self-care  
  • Adapting to uncertainty and connecting with each other   
  • Drawing on inner strengths and resources as individuals and as part of a team  
  • Thinking about growth mindset for individuals within an organisation  
  • ‘Rupture and repair’; using mistakes and feedback as opportunities for growth  
  • Connecting individual values and patterns of relating to outcomes at work; what matters / motivates each person 

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Inclusive recruitment: Wednesday 20th July, 2 – 3.30pm
  • The legal framework
  • Language and processes; impact of messaging on attraction, recruitment and selection
  • Interview skills; actively listening and understanding
  • The importance of feedback
  • Understanding shared HR D&I experiences; challenges and opportunities

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Embracing neurodiversity: Thursday 4th August, 10:30am – 12pm
  • What do we mean by neurodiversity? (ADHD, Autism, Dyspraxia, and Dyslexia)
  • How does the world look to someone who is neurodiverse vs someone neurotypical
  • The relationship between neurodiversity and mental health
  • Why embrace neurodiversity? the power of a neurodiverse workforce
  • The recruitment process; how do we attract neurodiverse staff
  • How different thinking styles in teams can enhance productivity
  • Supporting neurodiverse staff; creating an inclusive work environment
  • Exploring how can the work environment support the retention of staff

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All workshops will provide a safe space in which to raise questions and practice responses and a supportive environment for learning, reflection and relaxed conversation.