Black and white image of one of our trainers, Elonka, delivering a session to a room of employees at a workplace.

Creative Access open training workshops

Posted on June 18, 2022

Join other like-minded individuals for an open workshop, led by our senior training team of clinical psychologists and diversity experts. We cap attendance at 15 attendees to allow all participants enough time to ask questions and interact. All workshops will provide a safe space in which to raise questions and practice responses and a supportive environment for learning, reflection and relaxed conversation. All sessions take place via zoom and are not recorded. Post-training resources are circulated to participants.

Embracing neurodiversity

Thursday 7th December 2023, 10:30am – 12pm

Led by a consultant clinical psychologist with many years of experience supporting children and adults who are neurodivergent, this workshop takes a look at:

  • What do we mean by neurodivergence? (ADHD, Autism, Dyspraxia, and Dyslexia)
  • How does the world look to someone who is neurodivergent vs someone neurotypical
  • The relationship between neurodivergence and mental health
  • Why embrace neurodiversity? the power of a neurodiverse workforce
  • The recruitment process; how do we attract neurodivergent staff
  • How different thinking styles in teams can enhance productivity
  • Supporting neurodivergent staff; creating an inclusive work environment
  • Exploring how can the work environment support the retention of staff

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Inclusivity champion training for line managers

Monday 4th December, 2:00 – 3:30pm

Led by a clinical psychologist, this session is for new and existing line managers of trainees and entry- level staff from communities that are under-represented in the sector. Incorporating well-being in management when supporting early-career professionals, themes include:

  • The role of a line manager in nurturing an individual or team – to enable guided discovery
  • Creative Access eligibility criteria and intersectionality; the benefits of a diverse team
  • Understanding power dynamics and the impact
  • Mental health awareness for line managers; impact upon work and performance
  • Ethical requirements; what needs to be in place
  • What support is in place at your organisation / do you think is missing?
  • Your vision; supporting inclusive practice, relevance to your organisation
  • Signposting to mental health support and services; Creative Access support

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