On The Verge

Survey shows coronavirus has profound impact on under-represented communities in the creative industries

Posted on June 19, 2020

Creative Access has today announced the findings of a survey looking at the impact of COVID19 on talent from under-represented communities in the UK. The survey was conducted to help understand the impact of coronavirus on emerging creatives and what resources we should be providing in order to best support our community.

The survey, of more than 250 individuals was conducted during May 2020. The results clearly show the profound impact of COVID19 on underrepresented communities in the creative industries.

Josie Dobrin, Chief Executive and co-founder of Creative Access said:

We are deeply troubled by our survey findings which show how our community has been disproportionately impacted by recent events; more likely to be furloughed, have work cancelled or postponed; more likely to be affected by the COVID virus itself and more likely to be impacted by the longstanding structural inequality within the creative industries.”

The survey, conducted during May 2020, of more than 250 individuals clearly showed the profound impact of COVID19 on underrepresented communities. Key findings include:

The findings have been released as a report, entitled “On the Verge; The impact of coronavirus on underrepresented communities within the creative industries”.

The full report can be accessed here.