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Dazed Magazine feature Creative Access in ‘Class Ceiling’ series

Posted on May 9, 2022

In a recent series exploring class and young people today, Dazed have featured Creative Access in two separate articles exploring social class and the creative industries.

Paul Toner’s article ‘What it’s really like to be a working class fashion creative‘, they mention our data:

“From snobbery amongst peers for having an accent, through to increasingly sparse government grants and bursaries, there’s also an endlessly tiresome battle against the nepotism that runs rife in fashion, with recruitment platform Creative Access finding 85 per cent of all creative roles are recruited via word-of-mouth over advertised positions. Speaking from experience, the sheer graft it takes to get even a toe in the door can leave you questioning a career in this rich person’s playground altogether.”

While Serena Smith’s article on the recent NCTJ findings that 80% of journalists come from upper-class backgrounds also highlights Creative Access’ work in supporting people from under-represented backgrounds in the creative industries, writing:

“Thankfully, there are some organisations which are seeking to change this. Creative Access is a leading diversity, equity and inclusion organisation which provides support and opportunities to talent from communities underrepresented in the creative industries in the UK.”