Report: Disability equity in creative industries – 2022

Posted on November 28, 2022

In 2022 we commissioned a survey in consultation of all those within the Creative Access community who identified themselves as disabled, Deaf or neurodivergent. 

The findings, published in a new report, show a pressing need for creative employers to improve access for disabled workers and support progression within the sector. Key observations about disabled individuals working in or looking to break in to the creative sector were:

  • Only a quarter feel they have access to the contacts and networks needed to progress their creative career (vs. 62% of general respondents)
  • 88% cite the two biggest barriers as: lack of employer understanding of ‘reasonable adjustments’, and awareness of disability issues among colleagues
  • Many candidates choose not to disclose disability to potential or current employers

Over three quarters said they would like to see more flexible working and training for line managers in supporting disabled employees to thrive.

Read the report in full here: Disability inclusion report 2022.

Read our employer resource on disability equity in the creative industries here.