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Report: Freedom or working for free? Freelancers in the creative economy

Posted on March 22, 2023

A new press announcement from Creative Access on freelancers in the creative industries reveals that freelance talent demands change from creative organisations. Although freelancers are broadly happy with their career path, there is a breakdown in the relationship between freelancers and employers within the creative economy as 1 in 2 freelancers say they ‘don’t feel supported by employers’ they work with. 

Although demand for freelance workforce support in the creative industries shows no signs of shrinking, overall satisfaction is waning among the self-employed.

  • Freelancers ask for reasonable adjustments & employer training to thrive 
  • 50% of freelancers don’t feel supported by the employers they work with  
  • 1 in 5 (22%) became a freelancer due to negative experiences in a perm role  
  • Disabled individuals 30% more likely freelancing after negative perm role experience 
  • 54% say they’re offered a day rate or salary below their level 

However, the research also showed that freelancers are overall pleased with their career path, pointing to several positive aspects about being self-employed, suggesting their job gives them satisfaction, namely around:  

  • remote work (62%) 
  • project diversity (61%) 
  • independence (61%) 
  • it being beneficial to their health & wellbeing (42%)  
  • and freedom to select clients (32%) 

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