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Creative Access host a wonderful masterclass on advertising at BBH

Last night, Creative Access hosted a fantastic masterclass at the advertising agency BBH. As usual, we were joined by our growing network of Creative Access interns and alumni. BBH’s Business Lead and partner, Paul Matuszczyk, hosted the evening and gave us a comprehensive insight into the world of advertising.

Paul started off with an overview of BBH’s history and the first campaign they produced for Levi’s for their black denim range. This campaign showed a flock of white sheep pointing in one direction one black sheep facing the opposite direction. The campaign’s text read ‘When the world zigs, zag’. Paul then explained how this campaign gave birth to the agency’s ethos and has helped it get them to where they are today.

Paul also talked through the different types of roles that are available in advertising and explained what it takes to be a successful agency. Paul said “As an agency, it’s important to have a wide range of clients across different sectors. It shows that you are dynamic.”

Paul then deconstructed their recent Weetabuddies campaign for Weetabix and gave us an in-depth guide into the various aspects involved in creating a successful advertising campaigns. He went over the four key phases of every project; Strategic Development, Creative Development, Production and Evaluation.

Next up was BBH’s Creative Director, Maria Sousa Machado. She discussed her creative brainstorming process for the Weetabiddies campaign and explained the importance of having the right attitude if you want to join a creative team. She said“If you see an ad on TV that you like, go find out who created it and try and get a meeting with them and get them to mentor you.”

Next up was BBH’s producer, Jemima Bowers. She talked us through the pre and post production process and explained the importance of sticking to a budget when working on a campaign.

Finally, Paul gave some valauble advice to anyone looking to launch a career in advertising. He said “Creatives need to be really resilient. Most of their ideas will end up in the bin but you need to keep going. If you have the right energy and perseverance you can get into advertising as a creative.”

We would like to say a massive thanks to our great panel of speakers:

Paul Matuszczyk – Business Lead & Partner, BBH

Jemima Bowers – Producer, BBH

Maria Sousa Machado – Creative, BBH