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Bloomsbury intern Aliyana reveals how she landed her dream job

Aliyana Hirji, talks about her Creative Access internship and how she landed a full-time permanent role at the home of Harry Potter, Bloomsbury.

I have always dreamt about ending up in a profession where I could read books all day and, for me at least, publishing always seemed to be a closed door that could only be opened if you knew someone on the inside. Stumbling upon a Creative Access advert for the role of an Academic Editorial Intern at Bloomsbury Publishing Plc on my university website was therefore the start of getting my foot in the door; I still cannot believe that I am now able to say that I am an Editorial Assistant for Children’s Education there.

During my time as an Academic Intern, I worked across eight lists ranging from Literary Studies and History, to Theology, Philosophy and Linguistics. It was never boring to say the least and my daily tasks included sending out manuscripts for peer review, sourcing endorsements, drawing up and keeping track of contracts, and even sometimes reading and assessing proposals that came in.

It was strange, but awesome, to see descriptions that you had helped with and images that you had cleared copyright for in an actual printed book going out into the world.

Currently, I work in an office filled with Harry Potter books, but on the Children’s Educational Fiction and Non-Fiction lists. My day-to-day tasks vary from proofreading and copy-editing, to inputting data on the dreaded Biblio and answering author queries. The books involved are a variety of parent and teacher resources, as well as stories for those who have dyslexia or reading difficulties.

What’s rather cool about this is that I get to read about mystery, action and adventure every day…

I cannot thank Creative Access and Anoushka enough for helping me to secure my internship, as it provided me with core skills and learning points I need to do my current job: how to use the rather complicated Biblio and the processes involved in transforming an idea into a book that can be published and distributed worldwide.

What’s more are the added benefits and support that come from being a part of the Creative Access community, whether attending masterclasses in the Tower of London and Google building, or networking and meeting like-minded people working in an amazing array of jobs across the creative industry.