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We make it easy for your organisation to hire smart, dedicated talent from groups that are under-represented in the creative industries.

Creative Access works with over 400 creative organisations across the UK, from large corporations to small independent agencies. When you sign up to Creative Access, you join a group of the UK’s leading creative businesses that are all supporting a more diverse creative economy. Our employer partner case studies show how working with Creative Access can enhance your organisation.

We can support your recruitment via:

  1. Intern recruitment (via Affirmative Action schemes)
  2. Role recruitment (up to approx 8 years’ experience)
  3. Listing roles on our Opportunities page
  4. Outreach events and open days

1. Intern recruitment

We recruit exceptional candidates to join your organisation for paid traineeships, which are ring-fenced as Affirmative Action schemes for those from from communities that are under-represented in the creative industries. We market every opportunity to our existing candidate database and generate new candidates  through our social media communities and our partner organisations, which include colleges, universities and youth and arts organisations across the UK. We review all applicants and support them with CV preparation. We conduct first round interviews and provide each partner with a shortlist of the top candidates for the role. We also coordinate a training programme for all our trainees, which includes induction training, monthly masterclasses, a schedule of workplace-based training, a senior-level mentor and a former Creative Access intern to act as a buddy.

2. Role recruitment

We recruit exceptional candidates to to secure full time roles requiring up to approximately 8 years’ experience in the creative industries. We market every opportunity to our existing candidate database and our excellent alumni community. We also generate new candidates for each role, review all applicants, conduct first round interviews and provide each partner with a shortlist of the top candidates for the role. All successful candidates participate in the Creative Access Development programme to support the development of emerging leaders.

3. List your own vacancies on the Creative Access Jobs Board

You can access the Creative Access candidate database and our extensive social media communities by advertising your own vacancies on our Opportunities Board.

Please note we will only advertise paid opportunities.

Intern recruitment; What are you expected to provide?


You will need to develop a training schedule for each trainee you take on (we can offer guidance and provide a template schedule).

You’ll also need to allow your trainee time to attend their induction day and monthly evening masterclasses. Anyone placed in a job, rather than traineeship, is also invited to attend our training opportunities.

Financial contribution

We ask that all organisations we work with pay at least the level of National Living Wage to candidates recruited via Creative Access. Trainees can be paid a bursary or training allowance which equates to the National Living Wage.

We are funded by creative sector organisations who pay for our listing, bespoke recruitment, training, or programmatic services.


Trainees should be issued with a contract that outlines the conditions of the traineeship. Ideally you will use a training contract. We can provide template training contracts for employer partners. Candidates recruited for jobs will be contracted directly by the employer partner on a full time or fixed term contract.


All employer partners are expected to provide trainees with a line manager, who they directly report to about their duties, and a senior-level mentor who can offer additional support and guidance, particularly around securing full time employment.

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