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ITV: a trail-blazing D&I partnership

Posted on December 3, 2021


Creative Access has partnered with ITV for 10 years in a trail-blazing partnership to improve accessibility to the television industry.  

Partnership impact

Creative Access has been at the heart of ITV’s diversity and inclusion strategy for the past decade. We have supported ITV in multiple aspects of their work, from placing interns and alumni across the suite of ITV companies to hosting outreach events in London and Manchester. 


Creative Access has developed a pioneering mentoring programme with ITV. The programme provides access to those aspiring to work in the sector and to those needing support to progress their careers. By 2024, we will have matched 500 individuals in 6-month mentoring partnerships with ITV staff. This creates a positive impact for both ITV and the wider television sector. 

About ITV

ITV is the UK’s oldest commercial television network; a leading media and entertainment company, home of shows including Coronation Street, Love Island and The Voice.

“As one of the longest standing partners of Creative Access, we’ve seen first-hand the impact of Josie and her team. They have supported us to bring hundreds of new trainees into the group, many of whom are still with us as they progress their careers.”  

Julian Bellamy MD ITV Studios