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Hill+Knowlton Strategies: improving ethnic diversity in PR

Posted on December 13, 2021


The team at H+ K Strategies approached Creative Access in 2017 to help address the lack of representation of Black, Asian and ethnically diverse talent within their business.

Partnership impact

Creative Access was a key partner in the launch and delivery of H+K Strategies’ EquAll, the local expression of the global H+K Diversity and Inclusion program You Belong in 2018 and has since been instrumental in bringing in new candidates to the PR industry and to the organisation.


Creative Access has supported H+K Strategies via a multi-faceted approach to the recruitment pipeline, including a regular intake of trainees recruited via Affirmative Action, and annual outreach events (both in person and virtual) to equip candidates with a deeper understanding of PR, campaigns and communications.

About Hill+Knowlton Strategies

H+K London is a top public relations agency providing strategic advice and creativity to its clients. With a staff of over 300 it’s part of an international network of 80 offices.

“Creative Access is the real deal. They’ve brought in over 100 talented, creative and curious individuals through our doors, boosting not just our team, but the PR industry too.”

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