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About Us

Creative Access

Our vision: Working towards a day when Britain’s society is truly reflected in our creative industries

Why we exist


BAME representation across
the creative industries in 2012

Figures from the 2011 British Census and Creative Skillset’s 2012 Employment Census showed that the UK was 14% non-white, London’s population was made up of over 40% black, Asian, ethnic minorities (BAME) yet BAME representation across the creative industries had fallen to a stark 5.4%.

At Creative Access we believe that the absence of diversity in the creative sector is not only bad for our society, but is also bad for business – how can the media reflect society, if society is not reflected in the media?

What we do

Creative Access is working to change the face of the creative industries. We were founded in 2012 with the single purpose of providing young BAME people, paid training opportunities in creative companies and supporting them into full time employment.

Our vision is that in the longer term, our interns will progress to management positions, and in turn bring in others from under-represented communities in alongside them. Working with the UK’s most successful creative firms, we provide 6 or 12 month-long internships, which are paid in line with London Living Wage.

 We operate across ten different creative sectors:

  • Book Publishing
  • Film
  • Museums & Galleries
  • Music
  • Newspaper & Magazine Publishing
  • PR, Advertising & Marketing
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Talent
  • Theatre

We work with large, small and medium-sized companies right across the UK, from Bristol to Newcastle and from Cardiff to Manchester. Our interns have been placed with over 260 media companies, including global brands such as BBC, ITV, Sony, the National Theatre and Twitter.

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Media partners

82 %

in full time employment after completing their internship