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How to create an inclusive workplace

It is evident that young people from under-represented communities are disproportionately impacted by recent events; more likely to be furloughed, have work canceled or postponed; more likely to be affected by the COVID virus itself and more likely to be impacted by the longstanding structural inequality within the creative industries. Now more than ever there […]

How to host a remote internship

The sudden shift towards working from home as a result of lockdown has caused organisations to rapidly rethink their ways of working. Whilst this has undoubtedly seen some benefits (like minimising commutes), one of the downsides has been a hugely reduced number of opportunities for new graduates and aspiring creatives. Young people from under-represented communities […]

How to interview remotely

With many of us working from home, virtual interviews have become a popular part of the hiring process. While the prospect of attending an interview remotely might seem daunting, we’ve put together our list of top ten tips to make the process much easier for organisations and interns: 1. Practice different platforms There are lot […]

Improving understanding of racial justice – educational resources

Creative Access joins those across the globe in speaking out in solidarity and to condemn the brutal murder of George Floyd and the many others who have died tragically because of State aggression. We’ve collated a list of resources for those for those wanting to improve their understanding of racial justice. It includes a collection […]

How to stay creative

Writer’s block? No time? No energy? It’s not always easy to stay creative, despite our best intentions, so we’ve put together a list of top tips and resources to help inspire you to get things started… Set up a daily routine Set aside a little time to create every day, even if it’ s just […]

Creating an effective virtual mentoring partnership

Forming a relationship online or over the phone is not always straightforward, so how do you create an effective and fruitful virtual mentoring partnership?   Here at Creative Access, we’ve been adapting to working from home and continuing to support our community through online inspirational talks and workshops, relevant digital content across our social channels along with regular blogposts, resources and newsletters. […]

How to network virtually

Like lots of things, networking has largely moved online. It might seem like a struggle connecting to people with the move to working remotely and few events to meet professionals in. But have no fear, we have a list of top ten tips on how to maximise your virtual networking skills and the chances of […]

Top tips for working from home

In light of the current situation, many of us in the creative industries are working from home at the moment. While it might be tempting to stay in our pyjamas all day and replace our daily commute with a lie-in, successfully adapting to our new work environments takes a bit more adjusting to. We’ve got […]

Managing your mental health during the coronavirus crisis

Life has changed in a number of ways since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. Like many of us, you might be feeling worried and stressed and it can feel difficult adjusting. It’s important to remember that this situation will pass and we will get through it together. We’ve come up with a list of […]

Places to volunteer and offer help during the coronavirus crisis

The UK’s fantastic community spirit has been the source of support and hope during this difficult time. There are lots of ways to help out those in need, from volunteering at home over the phone to going out to deliver supplies. Below is a list of resources on how you can support others during the […]

COVID-19: Resources and funding support

Helpful resources and further support for those affected by the Coronavirus crisis The Creative Access team are now working remotely and doing our best to ensure our Community is well supported to manage the challenges that the global situation presents. We appreciate that these are challenging times for everyone, and especially conscious that interns, trainees […]