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Employer Partner Case Study: The National Theatre

The National Theatre appointed their first Creative Access intern in April 2015 and within 18 months had taken on a further thirteen. Candidates were placed in a variety of departments, from Marketing and Production, to Learning and Design.

The organisation also hosted three hugely successful masterclasses for all our Creative Access trainees and alumni.

“Creative Access has helped us to find some very very talented people, doing a brilliant job of holding up our grey building. Across the board it’s great that the creative industries are being so fuelled by this scheme. It is having a huge impact on the workforce and has introduced us to talented and bright people who might otherwise not have found a career in the creative industries.”
Rufus Norris, Director, the National Theatre

“The effect of Creative Access in the building is both visible and invisible. Creative Access interns have been a brilliant addition to the organisation – people who ask really intelligent, challenging questions.” says Rishi Coupland, Head of Data Intelligence.

Commenting on the recruitment process, Alexandra Sayer Hensby, Administrator, National Theatre Learning said “I can’t express how wonderful it is to be sent a shortlist that is already appropriate for our needs rather than having to wade through hundreds of candidates. The initial meeting we had before our first recruitment process with you really helped this as well. I have been at the National Theatre for two years and in that time I have seen an entire wave of Creative Access interns take on permanent roles within the organisation; they are hard-working, driven and enterprising.”

She goes on to comment on the masterclass programme:

“Whenever I’ve heard of what our interns have been learning and who has been speaking I’m always really impressed and often slightly jealous. They are a great mixture of practical advice for starting in a new workplace and inspiring talks by industry leaders.”

Throughout the whole of 2019, Creative Access delivered a series of more than 25 individual three-hour workshops focusing on Inclusive Leadership to over 400 line managers at the National Theatre.

Rufus Norris, Director, The National Theatre:“Creative Access have delivered training in Managing Inclusive Cultures to more than 350 of our managers, jam-packed with enough wisdom and insight to help us collectively take the next steps on our journey.”