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Employer Partner Case Study: Hachette

Publishing powerhouse Hachette have taken over 30 interns over the past three years across all their imprints, including Little,Brown, Hodder & Stoughton, Orion, Octopus and Headline.

The majority of these interns have gone on to secure full time roles at the company at the end of their internships.

Helen Windrath, Editor at Hachette, has been impressed by the networking opportunities presented by the programme, saying:

“One of the great things about Creative Access is that interns also spend time networking with each other, so they have a great network of friends and colleagues both within the company and across the publishing industry.”

Mary Redmond, HR Director for the Hodder Education, Little, Brown, Orion and Group Commercial teams said: “Creative Access candidates are always well-prepared for their interviews and approach the recruitment process very professionally. We always know we’ll have excellent candidates to choose from. It’s clear that the Creative Access interns have a great support network in place and that they regularly meet up and share experiences with each other.”

She goes on to talk about the benefits of increasing the diversity of the workforce by bringing in Creative Access interns: “We have found it’s been a great way of getting people with different skills into the business, for example in digital, who might not be attracted initially to the “traditional” publishing departments.

“Octopus Books has a strong presence in international markets, and a successful placement in our Foreign Rights department requires outstanding communication skills as well as the ability to empathise with other cultures. Our most successful trainees have certainly demonstrated that and also helped build relationships with publishing partners in non-English speaking countries using fantastic customer service skills.
Jazmin Yanez, Head of HR at Hachette UK

Confidence in order to contribute a different perspective on our books has also been invaluable. Thanks to Creative Access trainees, we have more effective working practices such as spreadsheets and database reports, which have in turn led to more effective sales follow ups.”