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Service Designers

Calling all design enthusiasts! Are you a people person with experience in areas such as consultancy or training? Know what it takes to improve digital services? If so, keep reading…

Snook are on a mission to design a world that works better for people. Designing services to help people thrive and doubling in size over the past ten years, they have worked with brilliant clients including Cancer Research UK, Hackney City Council, Tesco and the Scottish Government.

The organisation has big plans for the next three years and is looking for Service Designers across two experience levels:

  • Senior and Lead Service Designers
  • Mid-level Service Designers

Successful applicants, dependent on their skill set, will join either the Design or Delivery teams. The Delivery team focuses more on training and capacity building work, whilst the Design team gears more towards consultancy.

They are looking for someone with experience in developing services, meaning you’ve spent time crafting and understanding what it takes to deliver a new or improved service. You don’t need to refer to yourself as a Service Designer or have had the job title, you could have fulfilled a similar role or have relevant experience.


  • Work with the different materials of a service, from user interactions to backend processes and policy
  • Understand how services are powered by the internet
  • Work confidently with technology teams to design digital products and services from discovery through to live
  • Work as part of a multidisciplinary team through sprint cycles of continued development
  • Co-design with clients and communities to design new service models and value propositions
  • Work confidently with both quantitative data and qualitative insight
  • Work to the highest ethical and moral standards of research and design practice, promoting inclusive design practice at all levels of your work
  • Take research into actionable insights and communicate this in a succinct and human-centred way to stakeholders
  • Balance the needs of people who use services with those of the business and the wider system
  • Build prototypes of services the organisation can test with people
  • Define key metrics and measurements for organisations to evaluate their impact, supporting them to use this data to iterate what they deliver
  • Coach and build capabilities of organisations to learn human-centred approaches to design
  • Keep their projects on time and budget and report to their Project Directors and Production Manager

At a Senior Level

  • Make and guide effective design decisions, thinking at both a systems level and a detailed-experience level
  • Be confident in setting future visions for products and services that inspire people and meet needs while laddering up to wider strategic and systemic change
  • Articulate how services need to change from a user-centred, system, and business perspective to gain buy-in across organisations
  • Be critical during the design process, navigating power in service structures and challenging how people can be empowered and supported to thrive
  • Bring an optimistic and entrepreneurial mindset to our work, supporting directors to spot and enable new opportunities in the world
  • Coach other designers in Snook and lead project teams


  • Strong team leader (and player) with excellent problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Confident with working with technology and passionate about design
  • Able to demonstrate a knowledge and interest in the wider digital economy and advances in technology
  • Able to bring an optimistic and entrepreneurial mindset to Snook’s work


  • Send your CV and cover letter to this email 
  • In your application, state that you heard about this vacancy through the Creative Access website