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Contract Type:Fixed
Salary or training bursary: N/A
2 years
Company:Contemporary Art Society
Open to all
Apply by:30/10/2020 - 17:00

Young Trustee

Calling all contemporary art lovers! Check out this exciting Young Trustee opportunity below...

The Contemporary Art Society exists to encourage an appreciation and understanding of contemporary art by a wide audience and to donate works by important and new artists to museums and public galleries across the UK.

The Contemporary Art Society seeks a new trustee to join the Board. The Board meets 5 times a year, typically for between one and two hours, and usually in central London, although currently they meet via Zoom. They are seeking an individual with a strong interest in contemporary art and in CAS' work with museums, as well as a desire to gain experience of what is involved in being a trustee. Ideally that person would be under 30 years old. The term will be for two years, with the possibility of extending to a third year. Were a candidate from outside of London appointed, they will cover reasonable costs of travel.

The benefits to CAS of a Young Trustee:

  • They will help to ensure there is no disconnect between CAS' Board and the beneficiaries of their charitable work
  • They will help CAS towards better-informed decision-making
  • They will help CAS to respond to changing patterns of engagement with cultural activity – thus reaching a wider audience

The benefits to a Young Trustee:

  • This is an opportunity to ‘give back’ and make a difference in a sphere that they care about
  • This is an opportunity to gain real experience of being a trustee of an established and well run arts charity and a substantial understanding of the governance of an arts organisation
  • This is an opportunity to develop skills such as financial literacy and strategic planning
  • This is an opportunity for networking
  • This is an opportunity to develop their CV, potentially boosting employment and education chances

The CAS will offer the Young Trustee:

  • Mentors from the CAS team and the Board, providing opportunities to familiarise the Young Trustee with the CAS and the trustee role, as well as to build relationships with Board members/staff members.
  • An opportunity to develop into their role, and agreeing a set of measurable objectives for them to work flexibly towards achieving.
  • A ‘buddy’ at each CAS event, to help introduce the Young Trustee to patrons and guests and help them develop relationships with CAS stakeholders.
  • Invitations to CAS programmes to enable the Young Trustee to have a wider insight into the work of the CAS

We welcome and encourage applications from candidates who are under-represented in the creative industries.

Please note that the company reserves the right to withdraw this listing prior to the official closing date, therefore we recommend getting your applications in early.

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