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Industry:Book Publishing
Contract Type:Internship/traineeship
Salary or training bursary: Bursary £24,000
12 Months
Positive Action Scheme
Apply by:14/03/2021 - 23:59
Start date:June

Hachette UK Traineeships x 10

In an industry first, Hachette UK is proud to launch its new traineeship programme in partnership with literary agency Curtis Brown and booksellers Waterstones! Taking part in a broad and exciting programme, ten trainees will gain unprecedented exposure to all elements of the journey of publishing a book, from pitch to production.

About Hachette UK

Hachette UK is the country’s second-largest publishing group, made up of ten autonomous publishing divisions and over fifty imprints with a rich and diverse history and an incredible range of output. The publisher’s mission is to make it easy for everyone, everywhere, to unlock new worlds of ideas, learning, entertainment and opportunity. Hachette UK has published some of the world’s most successful authors, including JK Rowling, Candice Carty-Williams, Colson Whitehead, Martina Cole, Michael Connelly, John Grisham, Stephen King, Stieg Larsson, Nelson Mandela, Stephenie Meyer, Ian Rankin, Akala and Malala Yousafzai.

Many of Hachette UK’s books have also been adapted into major TV and film productions, such as Bridgerton, Killing Eve, Twilight, The Witcher, The Queen’s Gambit and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, to name a few. Hachette UK also offers its books in many different media formats, with one of its divisions, Bookouture, being one of the fastest-growing digital publishers in the UK.

The Culture

People at Hachette UK are incredibly proud of the contribution publishing makes to the world and are continuously evolving their inclusive, transparent, open and progressive culture. Hachette UK believes that its people and creativity can only thrive in an environment where everyone feels free to share ideas, opinions and criticism. The company makes diversity an integral part of its publishing and staff identity, through a programme called ‘Changing the Story', which is one of the core pillars of its business strategy. The other key pillars of the strategy are ‘understanding consumers’, ‘owner mentality’ and ‘growth mindset’ and Hachette UK actively looks to recruit people into the business who are able to demonstrate these behaviours.

About the Traineeship

This year, Hachette UK is launching its revised 12-month traineeship programme. The refreshed programme will give 10 trainees the opportunity to gain a rich and diverse understanding of the publishing industry. 

The 10 placements will be as follows:

  • 7 editorial and marketing/publicity placements
  • 1 rights placement
  • 1 digital marketing placement
  • 1 placement within the education business

This will be Hachette UK’s fourth intake of trainees and the programme will continue to focus on making publishing more accessible to under-represented groups, as part of the publisher's 'Changing the Story’ vision for diversity and inclusion. It is actively seeking applications from candidates from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background, applicants from lower socio-economic backgrounds and particularly men from both of these backgrounds to improve the representation of these groups in Hachette UK’s editorial staff base.

What you will experience

  • The trainees will spend the entire year within one of the trade divisions or the education business.
  • They will specialise in either editorial, marketing and publicity, or rights, and they will also spend time in Hachette UK’s central departments, such as contracts and sales.
  • Those specialising in editorial will spend a month of their traineeship at literary agency Curtis Brown to learn how to represent authors and matchmake them with publishers.
  • Some of the trainees will spend a month at Waterstones to learn the art of bookselling and understand consumer buying behaviour.
  • All the trainees will also participate in a bespoke learning and development programme, with the opportunity to learn about the journey of publishing a book from pitch to production.

Role Requirements

  • A genuine interest in forging a career in publishing.
  • Passion for Hachette UK’s values and publishing divisions.
  • A can-do attitude and an enthusiasm for learning about a variety of tasks.
  • Good time management and prioritisation skills.

To Apply

Log in to your Creative Access account or register today to apply for this opportunity. Upload your CV and answers to the below questions as ONE document and address it to the Creative Access team.

Alongside your CV, please answer the following:

  • State your placement preference between editorial, marketing/publicity, rights and digital marketing.
  • Tell us about a book that you enjoyed reading and what made it enjoyable? (100-word limit)
  • To ensure Hachette UK can continue to sell books online, can you suggest a way in which Hachette UK could digitally market the book you described to new consumers? (250-word limit)
  • In order to demonstrate Hachette UK’s key strategic pillar of ‘growth mindset’, give an example of a time when you have taken responsibility for a new or unfamiliar task. How did you approach the challenge and what was the outcome? (250 - word limit)

Reasonable Adjustments

If you require any reasonable adjustments from the application onwards, please let us know. We will always seek to make appropriate adjustments to recruitment, workplaces and work processes to be fully inclusive to people with different needs and working styles.


  • If your application is successful, we will aim to take your placement preference into account, but this cannot be guaranteed.
  • For any enquiries about your application or the process, please contact Creative Access.
  • Once submitted, you can no longer amend your application, so proof-read carefully.
  • This opportunity is only open to individuals from a group that is under-represented in the creative industries. This includes, but is not limited to, Black, Asian and ethnically diverse candidates, people with disabilities and individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.