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BBC Director General addresses our interns at their ‘Graduation’

On 19 October, we held the official “graduation” of our second cohort of BBC interns. During 2014 – 15, Creative Access placed 31 trainees in year-long internships and during 2016-17 a further 24. Of the 55 interns, at least 52 are still in the industry, working their way up the ladder.

Addressing our interns and former interns at the event, Tony Hall, Director General of the BBC said: “We are so very proud of what Creative Access has achieved.

We are really really lucky to have you, because you represent the kind of BBC I believe in. I want us to be the place where talent from all sorts of different backgrounds come.

We are reinventing the BBC for our next generation; we need to take the things that matter to us; the values that we stand for; the qualities that we stand for and reinvent that for all people in this country and particularly for the generation which you are representing. I hope that the Creative Access network is something you really exploit. I went to business school yonks ago and I know how important it is. I hope that network continues and gives you confidence that your ideas can come to fruition and you can make things you want to do and make these things happen. All of us are immensely proud of what you have achieved. To have two groupings of people such as yourself really is fantastic for the BBC; I want to wish you the very best for the future, but above all thank you for what you are bringing to the BBC.”

We also had two brilliant speeches from former interns. Lola Mosanya, who last was taken on as a Creative Access trainee multi-media journalist at BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat and recently secured a role as a Broadcast Journalist at Newsbeat, talked about the power of networks and how invaluable her fellow Creative Access interns had been to supporting her and each other as they set off on their careers. Hannah Ajala, who took part in her Creative Access internship with BBC Radio 2 in September 2014 and is now a Broadcast Journalist for BBC Radio Two, stressed the importance of this initiative to the BBC, citing how many times she had applied to the BBC (with no success) prior to applying to her Creative Access internship.

Josie Dobrin, Chief Executive and co-founder of Creative Access said: “The opportunities given to the young people we work with at the BBC are truly life-changing. The BBC is an excellent example of an organisation which is open to recruiting in a different way, valuing different qualities and targeting different populations. Working with Creative Access for the second consecutive year, has meant deliberately levelling the playing field, so that barriers to non-traditional entrants can be overcome.

Our interns consistently receive fantastic feedback from their managers, but more importantly, genuinely impact the output of the programmes they are working on.

We are so very proud of each and every young person with whom we work and are grateful to the BBC for their phenomenal support and investment in our interns. We look forward to continuing this very successful partnership with the BBC.”

The event was attended by representatives from both cohorts, from a range of BBC departments across the UK including:

  • Tony Hall, Director General of the BBC
  • Mark Linsey, Director BBC Studios
  • Charlotte Moore, Director, Content
  • Miranda Wayland, Diversity Lead BBC Studios
  • Tunde Ogungbesan, Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Succession
  • John Paul Cardew, Head of Resourcing and Talent, BBC Studios

Massive congratulations to all our interns, past and present – we are so proud of each and every one of you and look forward to seeing you all running the show in the years to come!