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Creative Access has a highly experienced team, with a track record of supporting employers to deliver exceptional training for entry-level staff from diverse backgrounds. Courses are tailored to meet the requirements of each organisation and pitched at the appropriate level according to whether attendees are entry-level, mid-management or senior-level employees. Training can take place at your company or off site at the Creative Access office.

We are able to offer the following courses:

1. Diversity Training: A comprehensive four-hour course covering all aspects of representation and inclusion in the workforce

2. Increasing Ethnic Diversity In The Workplace: A focused 1.5 hour session looking at practical measures to improve diversity within your organisation

We are also able to offer bespoke programmes.  Further information and group discounts available on enquiry.

Creative Access is also listed on the register of apprenticeship training providers (RoATP) and is therefore eligible to deliver apprenticeship training for apprenticeships that start on, or after, 1 May 2017. This means we  have been through an application process with the SFA that considers due diligence, capability, quality and financial health to assess their capability to deliver high-quality apprenticeship training.