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Latest Siewcharran grant recipients announced by Book Brunch

Book Brunch, the publishing trade’s daily news magazine reports on Creative Access’ latest administration of The Mo Siewcharran fund to Oneworld Publications, the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond and Theatre Deli in Sheffield.

Publisher at Oneworld, Juliet Mabey said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Creative Access, who have been such a brilliant force working to make creative industries like ours open to all, and honoured to be doing so thanks to a generous grant from the Mo Siewcharran Fund. Together, we can transform publishing so that it is truly representative of the readers it serves, as it should be.”

The article can be found at Book Brunch here and in full here.

The next deadline for applications is 1st December 2019. Any publishing or theatre organisations wishing to apply for a grant in the future should email  here.