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“Your network is your net worth”; wise words from the gurus at LinkedIn

Creative Access celebrated the end of a brilliant year at our final masterclass of 2019. Hosted by LinkedIn, we learnt all about the professional networking service and the inspiring people behind it…

We were introduced to the world of LinkedIn by Josh Graff, LinkedIn UK Country Manager & VP EMEA & LATAM, who spoke about the company’s mission to “connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.’  With 21 million members in the UK alone and one million jobs live in the country at any one time, he advised the audience that if you respond to a job alert on the platform within ten minutes of receiving it, you are four times more likely to be hired.

He also discussed how LinkedIn makes money and their mission to empower members to Connect, Stay Informed and Get Hired. He spoke about the organisations’s culture of DIBS: Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, a global theme across their 30 offices worldwide and a key topic of the evening among all the speakers.

The panel was hosted by Ade Adefulu, Head of Sales Strategy & Operations – Marketing Solutions EMEA & LATAM, who led the discussion on LinkedIn’s workplace culture. “It may seem trite to say people are nice here, but it is a genuinely welcoming environment. I love coming and working with my team every single day.”

When asked what makes LinkedIn special, Director of Enterprise Client Solutions, Marketing Solutions, Katie Manor, said that it was “the creativity in our day to day and the diversity and dynamics in the working environment.”

Sanjiv Ramjee – Enterprise Account Executive, Sales Solutions, spoke about LinkedIn’s social responsibility: “LinkedIn is evolving as the world around us evolves”, as well as the vitality of networking. “Your network is your net worth.”

Sarah Jones, Enterprise Relationship Manager, Sales Solutions, addressed the importance of finding a workplace that you’re passionate about, not just the role itself. “I realised that the company you work for is just as important as what you want to do.” She also talked about the value in finding a mentor – “someone who is an expert in that field, or someone who inspires you and you want to model yourself on.”

The topic of diversity in the workplace resurfaced in conversation with Andrew Monu, Director Field & Product Marketing EMEA & LATAM, Marketing Solutions. He spoke to us about the importance of “diversity of thought” in any workplace, reminding us that BAME candidates are able to “bring something no one else has.” He also inspired the audience to take a leap, saying that if he can go to working in Blockbuster video to leading a team at LinkedIn, anyone is capable of reaching their goals.

Ezim E-Agwuegbo, Talent Acquisition Partner, talked about her personal experience in different workplaces. “I felt like I had to be like the people I perceived to be there, and part of that for a long time was hiding my hair. And I remember when I got the interview at LinkedIn I said to myself, if this is truly a place where I can be diverse and belong, I have to break the barrier. You get your more engagement if you (literally) put your best face forward!”

She also talked about individual growth:

“It’s important for you to keep wanting to develop yourself. You want to leave that company at some point, and with more than what you came with. If you’re not continuously learning, then you’re not going to get that next job.”

Massive thanks to LinkedIn for hosting us in their fabulous offices and feeding and watering us so well. Huge thanks to our speakers:

  • Josh Graff (LinkedIn UK Country Manager & VP EMEA & LATAM) 
  • Ade Adefulu, Head of Sales Strategy & Operations – Marketing Solutions EMEA & LATAM 
  • Andrew Monu – Director Field & Product Marketing EMEA & LATAM, Marketing Solutions 
  • Ezim E-Agwuegbo – Talent Acquisition Partner 
  • Sanjiv Ramjee – Enterprise Account Executive, Sales Solutions 
  • Katie Manor – Director Enterprise Client Solutions, Marketing Solutions 
  • Sarah Jones – Enterprise Relationship Manager, Sales Solutions