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Wise words on advertising from AMV BBDO & Primesight gurus…

Creative Access was lucky enough to be welcomed into the world of advertising for our latest masterclass hosted at the UK’s largest advertising agency, AMV BDDO.

Our first two speakers, both Account Managers at AMV BDDO, Jean-Luc Gentilli and Vanessa Wise, both spoke of their experience coming into the advertising industry. The pair described their role as a great way to get a foot in the door, saying that what they like best about their jobs was the versatility of advertising and the ability to explore so many things at once. “With advertising, you don’t have to fit into one box. We really strive to be both strategic and creative. You spread yourself across a wide range of areas”.

Our next speaker was Head of Social and Emerging platforms at AMV BDDO, Candice Juniper.  Candice spoke of her career path to date, including a long-term move to Australia. She defined her role as being a “voice for brands online” and showed us some of the previous campaigns she’d worked on, including for a loft insulation company, for Chobani yoghurt and on the Ultimate Selfies campaign for Tourism New Zealand.

Candice emphasised the excitement of her role; “You can get given a really boring brand, but it is a challenge; a challenge to create something interesting”. It is clear that she thrives off the opportunities her role creates. Speaking specifically about social media, Candice described the way it has become more ‘fragmented’ and the impact it has had on the way people consume advertising. Whereas once it was TV and Radio, we now have Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and more. The platforms are continually evolving and reinventing themselves.

To have a job like Candice’s, you must have a desire to continually chase the changes that happen, because if you don’t, you will be left behind.

“The speed at which things change keep things interesting and the thing that has always kept me moving forward, is my curiosity.”

Our final speaker was the Chief Executive of Primesight, Naren Patel. He began telling the audience a little about himself and his journey from Luton, to India, then Kenya, the USA and finally back to the UK. Drawing on his own experiences, he said his number one tip for those starting out was to find a sponsor, someone to guide and mentor you through your career.

Naren then told our interns and alumni a little about Primesight itself which won Media Brand of the year in 2016. “We are the place that gets advertisements to the consumers. We are the link”. For their company, Naren stressed the importance of both ‘reach’ and ‘impact’ and how intertwined these two objectives are on each other.  He told us about traditional advertising formats, including in tube stations on buses and on billboards and how the landscape is changing to become increasingly digital. One of our lucky interns, Nina Ornela, won a voucher from Naren, for being the person to correctly identify their new state of the art platform, InLink!

Naren said that “if you can create an outdoor poster, you can create anything”. He showed examples of great campaigns, which take design and expertise to produce, including the Wonder Bra ‘Hello Boys’ poster campaign and the Pepsi Max Unbelievable campaign designed by AMV BBDO.

So what is Naren Patel’s greatest motive? What is his highest goal for the company?

“I’m trying to build a business where people will wake up on a Monday morning and want to run to work”.

When asked what distinguishes Primesight from its competitors, Naren said it’s about company ethos, including employing people with a bias toward action, who trust, care and respect each other.

It is clearly paramount in the field of advertising to have a collaborative approach to working Naren’s final thoughts neatly reflect the overall message of the masterclass; a focus on people paired with an eagerness and curiosity to chase what is out there. This is what bridges the gap between a poor agency and a great agency.

Thank you to our fantastic speakers, Jean-Luc, Vanessa, Candice and Naren. Plus, of course, a massive thanks to the whole team at AMV for their continued – and hugely valuable – support.