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Twitter roll out the red carpet for the latest Creative Access masterclass

Twitter roll out the red carpet for the latest Creative Access masterclass

CgWY9dWXEAAgXrULast night Creative Access were privileged to attend a Masterclass on the world of social media from the industry vanguards Twitter. A panel of senior Twitter personnel were there to provide a unique insight into the Twittersphere by talking about every thing from their recently introduced feature, moments, to the future of the social media platform.

Moments Curator, Hashim Piperdy, kicked off the evening. He highlighted the importance of being mindful of the types of content that you put out on social media. Employers are now more likely than ever before to check your social media accounts when considering you for a job so Hashim advised our interns to make sure that their tweets represent them in a positive and professional light.

Hashim also encouraged our interns to embrace their difference and use it as advantage when pursuing their career paths.

He said “You don’t have to fit in or conform to be a good journalist. Throughout my career, I’ve nearly always been the only ethnic minority in the office but I’ve used that to my advantage. Being different is the most valuable asset you can have.”

CgV0AApWwAArjS_After dazzling us all with her fabulous shoes, Twitter’s Head of UK Consumer Marketing, Niamh O’Reilly, talked about her newly created role to advertise Twitter. She has to think about the best ways to engage new, and sometimes re-engage existing, users. Niamh explained that her job involves everything from getting in contact with celebrities such as Pharrell Williams and the Kardashians to connect them to brands through to figuring out the best way to get behind movements such as #JuniorDoctors or #BlackLivesMatter.

Next up was Twitter’s Senior Director Media Partnerships, Lewis Wiltshire, who shocked us by revealing that there are over a billion tweets sent every 48 hours. Lewis explained that his role is to help content creators, such as brands and celebrities, build their audiences. He also touched on the future of social media and outlined the changes he’d seen in how brands engage with social media since the start of his career.

Lewis said “When I first started out BT was only a telecoms company and made phones. Now they have their own TV channel and sponsor sport events. If you can anticipate these types of future trends, then you have the capability to create the next Twitter or Facebook.”

The panel talks ended with a lively and informative Q&A session. This was followed by a fantastic networking session which included lovely drinks and delicious food.

We would like to say a massive thanks to our phenomenal panel:

Joanna Geary, EMEA Lead, Moments, Twitter
Lewis Wiltshire, Senior Director Media Partnerships
Niamh O’Reilly, Head of UK Consumer Marketing
Hashim Piperdy, Curator, Moments

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