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Creative Access host a wonderful masterclass with Lord David Puttnam, Sir William Sargent and Andrew Eaton

Last night, Creative Access hosted an amazing masterclass on the film industry at ITV studios. We were delighted to welcome our growing network of Creative Access interns and alumni with over 130 people in attendance.

Our experienced panel were on hand to give the interns a valuable insight into the film industry and offer some fantastic advice. First up was the film legend, Lord David Puttnam who produced Chariots of Fire and Bugsy Malone, to name a few. He advised our aspiring filmmakers to actively search for new resources and information to inspire their work and discussed the importance of team work. He said “The person sitting next to you could very easily change your life. You’re stronger together”. He also emphasised that to be successful, one needs to have self-belief, determination and resilience.

Next up was Framestore’s co-founder, Sir William Sargent who emphasised the importance of collaboration in the film industry and encouraged our interns to make the most of the technology that is available to them. He showed some fabulous footage of the VFX that his team at Framestore employed in the making of Gravity and Paddington the Movie. He said “It’s remarkably easy to make a film today. You can do it on your iPhone”.

Finally, Revolution Films’ Andrew Eaton discussed the various stages of film production, using his award-winning film Rush as a case study, and advised the interns to take advantage of all of the opportunities that are available to them. He said “Don’t wait for all the resources. Go out with three of your mates and do something interesting”.

We would love to say a huge thanks to our amazing panel:

Lord David Puttnam

Sir William Sargent, Co-Founder, Framestore

Andrew Eaton, Revolution Films

and to ITV Studios for hosting the event.