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Creative Access host first masterclass of 2015 at Google HQ

Last night we were thrilled to host our first masterclass of 2015 at Google’s London HQ. It was a fantastic evening with over 140 current interns and alumni in attendance. As well as hearing about the work of Google’s Creative Lab there was a chance for our interns to network with the Creative Lab team.

We were joined by our guest speakers Steve Vrankis (Executive Creative Director at Google Creative Lab), and Indy Saha (Director of Creative Strategy and UX). Steve delivered an in-depth presentation which gave an insightful look into some of Google’s recent creative projects and outlined the 9 principles of innovation. He discussed the importance of creating a “mission that matters” and reminded the interns to never be afraid of failure but to always aim to be better. Steve said “Don’t just aim to make things marginally better. Aim to make things ten times better. Be bold and think big. You need to understand the implications of what technology can help you do with your creative ideas.” Steve also went through the creative process behind some of their large and small scale projects and how the Creative Lab team address technical issues in the beta stage which included their JAM with Chrome venture and the extremely inspirational Google Science Fair. A massive thanks to Google for being such amazing hosts and a huge thank-you to our speakers:

Indy Saha, Director of Creative Strategy and UX, Creative Lab

Steve Vranakis, Executive Creative Director, Google Creative Lab