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Creative Access host another successful masterclass at Hearst

Last night, we hosted our latest masterclass session at Hearst publishers. The aim of the evening was to give our interns the chance to meet their peers and network with our panel of creative industry professionals.

The panel included the Women’s Health Editor, Farrah Storr, Hearst Publisher, Duncan Chater (Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Runner’s World) and the Product Director at Hearst, Lee Wilkinson. All three of them discussed the wide range of the issues currently facing the sector.

First up was Farrah Storr. She gave our interns some great advice on how to make the most out of their internships and how to stand out from the competition. She said, “The best way to get an Editors attention is to make tea. I know it sounds bad but if you keep yourself to yourself then you will never get noticed. If you come into my office with a cup of tea it immediately opens up a chance for us to talk and build a rapport.”

Next up was Duncan Chater who talked about the creative and commercial aspects of publishing. From the challenges of managing brand expectations to delivering a campaign for a client, Duncan discussed the importance of maintaing your creative flair. He said, “Think your biggest idea then go even bigger than that. It’s a great way to get a brand’s attention.”

Last up was Lee Wilkinson. He talked about how his role as a product director has changed in the digital age and how the magazine publishing industry has had to adapt to the development of technology. He said “In this industry, day to day curiosity and the willingness to solve a problem are always good attributes to have.”

A massive thanks to all our panel members who made the evening so special:

Farrah Storr – Editor at Women’s Health
Duncan Chater – Publisher at Hearst
Lee Wilkinson – Product Director at Hearst