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Creative Access host another phenomenal masterclass at BBC Radio Theatre

Creative Access host another phenomenal masterclass at BBC Radio Theatre

Last night, Creative Access held another phenomenal masterclass at the BBC’s iconic Radio theatre, hosted jointly by the trade body for commercial radio companies in the UK, the RadioCentre, and the BBC. As usual, the evening included a fantastic panel of speakers who discussed the different opportunities in the radio sector and offered our interns some invaluable career advice.

Ben Cooper, Controller of Radio 1 and 1Xtra, kicked off the evening by explaining how his passion for radio developed after his parents brought him a radio for Christmas when he was eight years old.

Ben livened up the session by asking the audience to play a game of heads and tails, with the last person standing being offered the opportunity to spend a day with the Radio 1 team. He claimed that although luck is an important factor when it comes to career success, hard work can make you even luckier.

Next up was the RadioCentre’s Chief Executive and long-time Creative Access support Siobhan Kenny. She was followed by her colleague Clare Bowen, Head of Creative Development at the Radio Centre. She talked about the commercial and creative side of radio adverts and played a range of radio adverts to demonstrate how radio can be used to inform and entertain.

Panel chair and Magic FM DJ, Angie Greaves shared her career experiences and talked about her route into radio with Capital. She said “Being from a Caribbean family, my parents wanted me to be a teacher, a nurse or a doctor, but I was addicted to radio.” Angie encouraged our interns to be tenacious and reminded them of the importance of working hard and setting achievable goals.

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Kiss DJ and Presenter, Neev Spencer stressed the importance of pursuing your goals, but also reassured our interns that you don’t need to have a fixed idea of exactly what you want to do in radio. She said “You need to take advantage of every single opportunity that comes your way. You don’t need to have a clear picture though. When you’re too selective, you end up shutting doors and missing opportunities.” Like many of the other panellists, Neev had faced family pressure to enter a more professional career and joked that her father still thinks she’s going to take over his dental practice one day.

During a Q&A session, LBC Radio producer, Jagruti Dave said that one of her biggest daily challenges is to make sure the conversations in the programmes are gripping and engaging. Jagruti said “One of the most rewarding moments of my job is when someone calls up to say they’ve burnt their toast or they can’t get out of their car because they’ve been enthralled in one of our discussions and can’t stop listening.”

Radio 1Xtra’s, Music Manager, Austin Daboh talked about his role and said that he managed to secure his job after doing a lot of work experience. As a Music Manager Austin gets to listen to a lot of music, but is also in control of 1Xtra’s playlist and is able to influence the stations editorial output.

With social media playing such an important part in our personal and professional lives, the panel talked about how social media has changed the face of radio. Radio 1Xtra DJ Jamz Supernova discussed the importance of staying authentic if you want to stay relevant and grow a solid following. She said “I’m naturally a very introverted person, so it’s sometimes hard for me to post on social media. I tend to focus my Twitter feed on my music but I at the same time want to make sure that my social media channels represent me accurately as a person.”

The evening closed with a drinks reception and was a fantastic opportunity for our interns to network with each other and our amazing panel members.

A massive thanks to the BBC and our inspiring panel for a wonderful evening:

  • Ben Cooper, Controller of Radio 1 and 1Xtra
  • Angie Greaves, DJ Magic FM
  • Siobhan Kenny, Chief Executive, RadioCentre
  • Clare Bowen, Head of Creative Development, RadioCentre
  • Austin Daboh, Music Manager, Radio 1Xtra
  • Jamz Supernova, DJ, Radio 1Xtra
  • Neev Spencer, DJ & Presenter, KISS
  • Jagruti Dave, Producer, LBC Radio