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AMV BBDO give interns an amazing insight into advertising at our masterclass

AMV BBDO give interns an amazing insight into advertising at our masterclass

Last night Creative Access interns were given an amazing insight into the world of advertising by the team at AMV BBDO.

We were given a warm welcome by HR Director Kelly Knight and Laura Yeoman, HR Advisor.  They both shared how delighted they were to be hosting the masterclass and to be given the opportunity to give our interns an understanding of the industry that they both love to work in.

It was then over to Chris Ferguson, Senior Account Manager, who gave us a fascinating overview of the history of AMV BBDO, how advertising agencies work and the types of roles on offer. AMV BBDO was started 65 years ago by Mr Abbot, Mr Mead and Mr Vickers with the aim of producing great adverts and having fun at the same time. This formula has clearly worked as they have been named “Best Ad Agency in the UK” for the last 16 years. They also consistently win awards for being a great agency to work for.

Chris then explained the myriad of roles within an ad agency – Account Managers, Account Planners, Creatives and Support staff. All of whom work together to take the client’s idea and turn them into an advert. He showed us how complex the planning process is and explained that it can take up to two years to create a campaign from start to finish.

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To help understand the process in more detail, Chris handed over to the brilliant Nicholas Hulley and Nadja Lossgott who are both Creative Directors at AMV BBDO. They explained how the creative team take the client brief and throw ideas around until they come up with a shortlist of concepts. The Creative Directors then filter the ideas and choose the one they will work on. The ad is then worked on in detail and taken back to the client for approval. Only once the client approves it can the ad be made. They screened one of their brilliant ads for Guinness “Sapeurs“.

The key message from Nicholas and Nadja was that if you want to be a creative you have to have a thick skin and be resilient because you will be told over and again that your ideas are rubbish and that you need to start again. When you’re confident that the idea was great, that can hurt!

The final speaker of the evening was the inspirational Gerard Crichlow, Director of Social and Cultural Innovation at AMV BBDO. Gerard talked us through his career path which took him from PR to Digital in the USA, to advertising here in London. He told our interns on several occasions how lucky they were to be exposed to so many different creative sectors and be part of the exciting community that is Creative Access. He urged them all to seize the opportunities they are given. When he was young he was not given the chance to learn about the advertising sector, let alone to meet industry leaders. He also talked about the fact that when he started his career he didn’t meet anyone who looked like him. He believes that diversity is key for the advertising sector.

For Gerard it is not just diversity of ethnicity, gender and sexuality, but also diversity of thought and skills. Without that groundbreaking ads such as the Under Armour ad with Misty Copeland would never be made.


The panel then answered an array of, as always, fascinating questions from our interns before we moved on to a networking session. Thank you to all at AMV BBDO for their ongoing support.