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Intern FAQs

How do you define the term "ethnic minority" and BAME?

Creative Access follows the UK Government guidelines about what constitutes an ethnic minority. See this link for detail on the guidelines.

How long will it take for me to get a response after my application is processed?

You will receive a response approximately four weeks after the application deadline date, whether you have been successful or not.

Do I need to have/be working towards a degree to apply for an internship?

No. Some companies we recruit for do ask for applicants to have degrees, but this is not always the case. Academic requirements for each role are stated in each internship description.

Do I need to attach a cover letter? If so, to whom do I address it?

If a role requires a covering letter, it will be specified in the internship description. Most do not. However, we suggest that you do attach a bespoke letter with your CV in order to platform your skills and convey your interest in the role you are applying for. You can address your cover letter to ‘Creative Access’.

Are all internships paid? If so, how much?

Yes. All our trainees are paid at the equivalent of National Living Wage.  If you are on a training contract, you will receive a training allowance (bursary) that will be paid to you by your company on a monthly basis, which covers all your costs while you are being trained.

The training allowance will be at least £15,000 per annum pro rata, although some companies may pay a higher training allowance. The training allowance is not a salary, which means no tax or NI deductions will be made to your pay.

If I am willing to relocate for an internship, will you or the company provide accommodation?

No. We do not organise accommodation for interns. If you are willing to relocate, we suggest you look for accommodation as soon as you have applied for the role.

Will these internships lead to a full time job?

There is no guarantee that the company you will be training for will offer you full time employment after your internship. However, over 90 % of our interns do secure roles at the end of their internships. The Creative Access team will support you to help look for employment as your internship draws to a close.

If I am unsuccessful for an internship, can I apply again?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of internships you can apply for, although we recommend that you tailor your application for every opportunity you apply for. If you have been unsuccessful for a number of internships, you may want to consider booking a slot with our recruitment team at our next CV surgery.

Do I need a permanent right to work in the UK to apply to the opportunities listed on the Creative Access site?

Yes, all candidates must have an existing right to work permanently in the UK. Unfortunately, the companies we work with are not able to offer sponsorship.


"My thanks to you, Creative Access, for matching us with such an incredible employee. I know you must be a small team, but please know how massive your impact is: for the interns, for the employees, for the UK and for the world."

Lindsay O’Leary

Digital Marketing Manager - TATE