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A fantastic turn-out for the Creative Industry Showcase – October 2014

Last night we hosted our Creative Industry Showcase for recent BAME graduates who are looking for a career in the creative sector. This was a fantastic opportunity for new graduates to network with senior creative professionals and find out more about the amazing internship opportunities Creative Access has to offer. We invited an expert panel from a wide range of sectors to discuss their careers with the graduates. From TV & film, to journalism, our panel were on hand to share their funny stories and offer some valuable advice.

First up was the Head of Comedy Development at the award-winning Big Talk Productions (Rev, Him & Her, Spaced), Saurabh Kakkar.  He talked about some of the most popular questions he is asked on a daily basis by people looking to get into TV and film and explained the amount of dedication you will need to succeed in the industry. He said “All creative industries are chaotic, but chaotic in a beautiful, brilliant and inspiring way. Without the passion to tell stories, TV can be really hard work but It’s really important for television to be representative of our society. It’s counterproductive if we’re not making shows BAME audiences want to watch.

Next up was Perjeet Aujla who works as the Features Development Producer at Maverick TV (Stand Up to Cancer, Was it Something I Said?, Embarrassing Bodies). She highlighted the importance of networking in the industry and being thick-skinned. Third up was Bennett McGhee who is the Production Executive and Associate Producer at Wildgaze Films (Severance, Quartet, A Long Way Down). He talked about why it is important for young people to take advantage of all the resources that are available to them and reminded graduates to be open minded when it comes to selecting a career in the film industry. He said “Sometimes what you find yourself doing and getting engrossed in are two different things, so it pays to have different options.”

The fourth panelist was Emily Dean who is the Deputy Editor at InStyle Magazine and presenter on Absolute Radio. She shared some of her humorous stories of getting into the industry. From getting fired to the importance of standing out from the crowd, Emily went through some important advice for anyone wanting to forge a name for themselves in journalism. She said “The earlier you start the better. Find your unique selling point and don’t be afraid to have bad ideas. Some of the best ideas come from the bad ones.”

Next up was Ravi Mattu who works as the Tech, Media and Telecoms News Editor at The Financial Times. He talked about why it is important to research all of the internships and publications you apply for and advised graduates to learn how to collaborate if they want to make it in the industry. Finally we had one of our former interns Malissa Mistry, who was placed as an intern at Random House through Creative Access. She now works as the International Sales Exec for Asia at HarperCollins Publishers. Malissa talked about her experience as an intern and how her internship propelled her to greater things. She said “My internship helped me get around the business. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Creative Access, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” Malissa added “If you want to get into publishing, don’t be narrow-minded. There are a lot of departments in the sector where you can still be creative.”

Thanks to all the attendees and panel members who all made it an exceptional evening!

You can find the full list of panel members below:

PerjeetAujla - Features Development Producer at Maverick TV 

Emily Dean - Deputy Editor, InStyle Magazine & presenter, Absolute Radio

Saurabh Kakkar- Head of Comedy Development, Big Talk Productions

Ravi Mattu– Tech, Media & Telecoms News Editor at The Financial Times

Bennett McGhee - Production Executive and Associate Producer, Wildgaze films

Malissa Mistry- International Sales Exec for Asia, HarperCollins Publishers