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Candidate Stories: Kenke Danmole at Elle Magazine

Kenke was the first Creative Access intern to secure a coveted internship in the Magazine sector…

Kenke Danmole graduate from Brunel University with a degree in Sociology and Media. She has always had a strong interest in fashion and regularly volunteered at fashion shows and events in the hope of getting her foot in the door. However, as a small fish in a very large pond, she was finding it difficult to get a suitable paid opportunity in the industry.

After a number of unsuccessful internship applications, Kenke discovered Creative Access. It was on the website that she saw an advert for an internship at Hearst Publications.

Kenke was finally successful and managed to secure the Fashion Department internship in October 2013, where she was given the opportunity to develop her skills in creative project management. During her internship, Kenke shadowed Elle’s Editorial and Commercial team and learned how to ensure everything related to the fashion cupboard ran smoothly. On the editorial side, she was able to develop her skills in meeting a creative brief and completion of their pages in print and online.

“The internship exceeded my expectations. I worked in the heart of a fashion magazine and was able to learn so much from different members of the editorial team, in different departments.“

Kenke was also given the opportunity to create her own content and copy for the magazine’s website. By assisting the Executive Fashion Director, Kenke was able to gain an understanding in the commercial business of publications by supporting the maintenance of the client coverage reports. On completing her internship, she secured a permanent role at Elle.

“Publications like Elle aim to reach a wide audience. By taking me on as an intern, they have increased their diversity and I have been given the opportunity to share my background and culture in my dream industry. I graduated in July 2012 and secured my internship in October 2013, so it was an amazing turnaround. I am so grateful for the help and guidance Creative Access gave me and I couldn’t have done it without them.”

After her internship, Kenke secured a role with Hearst Magazines as a project manager / campaign coordinator.  In 2016, she moved to Bauer Media to run cross media campaigns and other projects.