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Candidate Stories: Juliana Ayeni-Stevens, United Agents

13 is a lucky number for some, especially for Juliana who became the 13th ever Creative Access intern at the literary and talent agency United Agents.

After graduating in 2011 with a degree in Drama with Film & Television Studies at Brunel University, Juliana struggled to find work in the creative industry. Following a trip abroad, Juliana still struggled to start her career and began and admin based role at DHL.

During her time at DHL, a friend recommended the Creative Access industry showcase at Channel 4 which Juliana attended. After an insightful evening and plenty of networking, Juliana later applied successfully for an Actors Runner internship at leading talent agency, United Agents.

Throughout her internship, Juliana gained a huge amount of understanding about talent agencies including the ins and outs of the different departments, and was made aware of how much work goes into providing the best for the client.

“The best project I had the opportunity to work on was within the book department; budding writers would constantly send in samples of their written work, so I got to read through books and then write reviews. In the actors department too, I would read scripts and produced breakdowns which was heaven for me!”

After her internship ended, Juliana was offered a permanent position at United Agents and then progressed to the Actor’s Department Assistant, staying with United Agents for just over two years. Through Creative Access she then secured her next role as a Costume Administrator at the National Theatre. Since October 2016, she has been working hard on multiple projects; in the Artist Relation Team at Comic Relief, as a Trainee Producer at Tricycle Theatre and even starting her own production company (Purple Night Colour Production). Since 2019 she also works as a PA to Channel Directors and Head of Acquisitions at UKTV.

Commenting on being part of the Creative Access family, Juliana says, “Creative Access has helped me pave a creative career which I couldn’t have imagine doing without their support! To be where I am today and the things I’ve achieved and yet to conquer, Creative Access has been one of the branches to help me believe that this industry needs people like myself and many other young graduates coming out of university ready to come into the creative/arts industry.”