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Never Give Up

Daniel Cinna

Daniel Cinna is an Account Director at Markettiers, the UK’s leading broadcast consultancy. He works on consumer and corporate media relations and content creation campaigns for the most well-known brands in the world. Prior to this he was a journalist, producer and editor for over six years for Sky News Radio, LBC and Voice of Russia.

In this piece, Daniel gives some advice on not giving up on career aspirations.

If there’s one thing that you remember from this blog it should be that you should never give up.

At the age of 16 I knew that I wanted to work in radio. I had listened to reporters and presenters on-air, and knew that I wanted to give local people a voice, influence public perceptions on issues and products that matter to them, and help policy makers understand what people really want.

So, I set out to find some work experience. I emailed over a hundred different people. And nearly everyone said ‘no’. I was told, ‘sorry we don’t take work experience students’, ‘not at the moment’ or ‘we usually prefer candidates with some experience in the media’. I was young, and I wasn’t going to have the experience at that age that most broadcasters wanted. But I continued reaching out to more and more editors in newsrooms across the city in the hope that they would meet me, see my passion for radio and offer me work experience. Finally one person said yes.

Just stop and imagine this for one second. Over one hundred emails. Dozens of rejections and the rest of my messages ignored. That one ‘yes’ email was the spark that led to a career in the media working for Sky News, the Voice of Russia and LBC, on some of the biggest stories in a generation. From a 16-hour shift during the start of the London riots to the Greek economic bailout, and even the birth of Prince George!

If I hadn’t persevered despite the numerous rejection emails, I may not be where I am today – working in the PR industry for some of the most well-known brands in the UK and across the world.
Daniel Cinna

If you have a passion, if you are enthusiastic about an industry or a specific company, then never give up. Keep contacting different people in these sectors or in these companies. Offer to meet them for a five minute coffee (it inevitably becomes 15 minutes or half an hour), and it gives you an opportunity to show them just how motivated you are. If a company can see that you are passionate, then they may be willing to give you an opportunity – whether that is a week of work experience, an internship or even a job.

All you need is one ‘yes’