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Never a dull moment in the PR industry – Maya Tanna

Fresh from her CA internship with Cirkle this year, our former intern Maya Tanna speaks on her experiences in the PR and Communications industry and her next steps…

Having studied a Masters degree in philosophy, I was looking to test the waters and plunge myself into a creative career. I was looking for a creative career as I wanted to be able to use all of my practical skills and combine them with my desire to have a fun and engaging role. With family and friends in the public relations industry, I felt comfortable in undertaking an internship in PR as I was confident that I would be able to use all of my skills and to gain insight into this industry.

After having Creative Access being highly recommended to me by one of my family members, I was more than happy to have secured an internship with them.

Creative Access has provided great workshops, future opportunities and the network of alumni has already proven helpful. The public relations industry lived up to my perceptions and is a truly fun and engaging industry. There is also that element of pressure in the industry as there are always deadlines to keep to and unexpected curveballs, but the combination of excitement and pressure creates a great work environment full of buzz and new ideas coming to life.

My time at Cirkle was spent working on Trade and Consumer PR which has been full of weird and wonderful moments. The office was a hive of activity with palm trees, dance trophies and dogs all coming and going. Trade and Consumer events are a staple of PR and they involve wild ideas and equally weird props, from creating a mini French Riviera in a wholesale depo to a Tic Tac open house in Covent Garden…there is never a dull moment.

The public relations industry is fundamentally about the public and an open house for consumers is the epitome of what the industry is about. It is all about interacting with the public in order to make them aware of new products. I have learnt about many different aspects of the industry, from creating client budgets to compiling media lists, I have gained an in-depth knowledge on the industry and an understanding of how the food and drinks sector relies on public relations to engage with their consumers in order to increase brand awareness.

A crucial aspect of PR is keeping up to date with all news. Beginning the working day with a roundup of the newspapers and industry news as well as agency news is something I learned to be very important.

Interacting with new people and doing something different every day is a key draw when working in this industry, with networking being one of the most important skills to have. And when public relations is fundamentally about asking clients what they want, creating a narrative, communicating the brand to consumers and watching over and caring for the brand, it is important to build solid connections with the media, journalists and social influencers who can create an ongoing connection between a brand and its consumers.

I have immensely enjoyed all of the training that Cirkle has provided as it has been interactive, immersive and opened my eyes as to all of the behind the scenes work that goes into a campaign. From virtual reality to data research apps, I have been able to gain an understanding of the industry and the new technologies are being used to enhance the consumer experience.

I think working in PR has given me a real confidence boost and has really helped me to network and to interact with others. I think that this experience has really taught me to take a step back from whatever I am working on and to be objective in order to understand how someone else would view it, and this approach has enabled me to maximise my efficiency and produce the best work possible. This is a skill that I will carry forward into my future roles. PR is evidently a people based industry and being able to interact with all people is an important aspect of all business, and in my future career in law this will prove to be an invaluable skill to have.

My internship has also helped me to engage with my creative side which is something I am going to bring to all of my roles in the future!

I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the public relations industry at such a lively and dynamic agency, and I’m so proud to add this experience to my CV. I think Cirkle really values diversity and the collaboration with Creative Access to offer an internship has been a great opportunity for me to progress in my career. Moving forward I have chosen to study for a Graduate Diploma in Law and I would like to combine a career in law with my creative skills, after all press releases need a legal team to sign them off!

I would highly recommend an internship with Creative Access as they have given me a huge amount of help through workshops and masterclasses and the whole team just wants to see their alumni succeed.

You can follow Maya on Twitter at @MayaAnjaliTanna