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“Living my art world dreams”; reflections from a Christie’s Masters Student

“Living my art world dreams”; reflections from a Christie’s Masters Student

This time a year ago, Creative Access was set the task of finding a candidate for The Christie’s Education Trust to join their MA History of Art and Art World Practice. Following a hugely competitive application process, the successful candidate was the brilliant Robyn Orovwuje-Forbes. Here she fills us in on how it’s going since she started…

Just one full term and a couple of weeks into a Master’s with Christie’s Education (owned by world renowned Christie’s auction house), there is already so much I could write about! From Museum visits in Brussels to watching a 1982 Jean-Michel Basquiat masterpiece sell at auction for £8,605,250, I am living my art world dreams.

I am living my art world dreams

Over the time since starting in October 2019, I have sat in spaces and in front of people that I never thought possible. I now have an insider’s view of a world that I was starting to think would be forever closed to me who, prior to securing a scholarship to study at Christie’s Education, had started down a very different career path. 

Owing in no small part to the generous Reginald Browne financial award from the Christie’s Education Fund, the care of my mentors, and the massive support from the wonderful Creative Access Team which has extended far beyond the scholarship application process to continued professional development and networking opportunities, I feel like I am well on my way to achieving goals which, before finding out I would be able to study on the Art History and Art World Practice MA programme, I had almost set completely aside.

I feel like I am well on my way to achieving goals which […] I had almost set completely aside

Between an incredible series of classes based both on-site at our beautiful Portland Place townhouse location and further afield at various other prestigious cultural institutions (the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Sir John Soane Museum, the Building Centre and Art Fund to name a few), we are completely immersed on a daily basis in the fascinating world of heritage and culture which my classmates and I some day hope to navigate, guided by all the incredible things and people – each other included – we will have encountered over fifteen months studying, working and travelling together.

With many taught hours, twelve weeks of work experience and ten thousand words of thesis still ahead of me, there remains a lot more to see and do…but sitting down to reflect and write on the journey so far really hammered home the weight of the opportunity I have been given. So, whilst it may seem a little premature, I am pretty confident in saying that I genuinely feel like this experience has been and will be one of the most valuable and impactful both personally and professionally.

Thank you Robyn for sharing your experience!