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Grace, Guardian and Gal-dem by Grace Shutti

We caught up with former Creative Access intern Grace Shutti to hear a bit about how she is and what she’s been up to since her internship…

Grace graduated with a degree in Music from University of Southampton in 2015. Not long after this, she secured her Creative Access internship at Rife Magazine in Bristol with Watershed Arts Trust. Through her internship, Grace met many other Creative Access interns with whom she is still in touch and particularly enjoyed attending the monthly masterclasses. Though she was already passionate about social media and music, it was during this period at Watershed Arts, under her then title ‘Content Creator’, that Grace feels she first truly learnt to make videos and write articles:

“It was my first chance to get real training in these areas, my first chance to learn the ropes and gain this kind of experience. I’m still in touch with them today.”

Grace made a great impression at Watershed, and her line manager, the author Nikesh Shukla, wrote: “The Creative Access programme has offered Grace a space to meet other young people with similar interests. She has flourished in this network and will continue to do so as she moves forward in her career with the support of others along the way. She has been introduced to new career paths, her skills are transferable to many different roles and she is walking away from the programme with an open mind, new skills and new possibilities.”

A couple of years on and Grace truly is thriving in this field. Now in 2017, she is continuing to learn and put her content creating skills into practice. She is currently working at The Guardian for their Facebook Live team and is still heavily involved in all aspects of research and social media. Grace tells us her job changes and differs depending on what’s going on at the time. She often attends a variety of events, such as protests in and around London.

On top of this, Grace is also the Assistant Music Editor of award-winning online magazine written by women of colour and creative collective: gal-dem.

To have come such a long way in such a short space of time only proves that Grace is exactly where she should be. Already at the forefront of the creative industry, we asked her about her goals for the future and she emphasised that she hopes to continue producing video,

“Above all, I think I’m interested in sharing stories. I like to share ideas. Sharing stories from minorities and people that I find interesting”

Grace has a new video coming out next week on Grime and its influence and we are certain she is going to continue to produce more brilliant projects. Congratulations, Grace, on all your work so far. We are excited to see what the future holds for you!