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A day in the life of an Office Runner at Lime Pictures

Ever wondered what it would be like to intern as a runner at a big production company? In this blog piece our intern Abby takes us through her day-to-day activities as an Office Runner at Lime Pictures.

So, firstly I should start by saying a little bit about where I am and how I got here in the first place. I am currently doing a 6 month Internship with Lime Pictures who are most famous for their Drama & Reality programs, producing the likes of Hollyoaks, TOWIE and Geordie Shore. I feel very lucky to be here and I have Creative Access to thank for setting me up with such a great Production Company.

I came across Creative Access by doing my own research and speaking to people who are currently in the industry. If you don’t know anyone in the industry I wouldn’t worry, I would advise you join some runner Facebook groups such as ‘People looking for TV work: Runners’. This group was a vital part of my research and it allowed me to connect with people in the industry, gain some valuable advice about my CV as well as helpful tips & websites. I even had a girl from the group offer to be my mentor, she really helped me and it made me realise how important these groups are and why they are there, so definitely make good use of those.

I am only six weeks into my internship however I feel like I have learned so much already. My day starts at 9am / 9:30am and I finish at 5:30pm / 6pm. I am sat next to the receptionist, which is a great place to be as it means I get to speak to the Managing Directors, Executives, Cast and people on different productions. This is a brilliant opportunity to meet as many people as possible, make contacts and be that familiar face around the office. I assist with the receptionist duties such as meeting and greeting Cast, Crew, visitors, couriers etc, answering and direct calls, booking meeting rooms, booking taxis & couriers franking and sorting post, ordering office supplies and making teas/coffees.

As part of my internship I have a training schedule which includes all the things I want to learn during my time at Lime. This is a great way to keep track of your progress and make sure you learn as much as you can and complete what you have set out to do. So far I have completed tasks such as: sourcing props for various productions, doing runs – taking kit / props to crew on location, edited a casting tape for the Development team which later got sent to Channel 4, regularly conduct research tasks for the Development team (casting & locations). I also regularly assist a Production Coordinator with reconciling expenses, scanning & logging and saving Release Forms, Logging/Transcribing and other general admin. I will continue to do these tasks on an ongoing basis, in addition to the remaining goals on my training schedule.

Networking is something I do as much as I can and I can’t stress enough how important it is, after all the person you speak to could be your next boss or even the recommendation to your next job.

I always make a conscious effort to have a conversation with at least one new person a week; this can be in the kitchen, walking to the shops during lunch and in the reception area. We also have ‘Wine Fridays’ which is another great opportunity to speak to people in a more relaxed environment and continue to build those relationships. During this summer I will get to go on some location shoots which I am really looking forward to and it will be good to get a different prospective as office and location Runner tasks vary. I hope I have given you an insight into my role as an Office Runner and maybe answered some of your questions around what to expect.