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Creative Access reflects on recent diversity stats

November 26th, 2015

Here at Creative Access, we strive to adhere to our motto that ‘media cannot reflect society, if society is not reflected in the media.’ Having already placed over 470 interns in the creative industries since launching in 2012, and with over 75% of our interns still working in the industry, we believe that our motto has enabled us to make positive and sustainable changes in the creative sector.

The topic of diversity in the media has never been more important and we are delighted to see influential figureheads stand up and demand changes. The media has been awash with reports and initiatives that are aiming to address the diversity imbalance in the sector. We’ve collated a few of the most interesting statistics that we read in three recent reports – “Creative Industries Federation, Creative Diversity – The state of diversity in the UK’s creative industries, and what we can do about it” (2015), “Creative Skillset, The Creative Media Workforce Survey 2014 Summary Report”, “Ofcom –  Promoting equal opportunities and diversity: A toolkit for the communications sector.”

Ofcom's Promoting equal opportunities and diversity report - 2008





Creative Skillset 2012 Census stat






Creative Skillset 2012 Census stat (1)